Dani Palomino

Dani Palomino

Vocal Performance


Dani Palomino is a National Center of Voice and Speech (NCVS) Trained Vocologist. She has taught at LACM since 1998 and is known as the college’s vocal technique guru. Dani’s interest in music began at age eight when an uncle introduced her to the rock group KISS. Face painting, guitar lessons and talent shows followed, along with a healthy dose of glee. She continued to perform, record, and study voice while earning her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from the University of Pennsylvania. Her association with seven-piece blues band Soul City culminated in a CD release in 1991.

Dani’s passion for studying vocal mechanics began in 1992, when she started lessons with jazz singer Kevyn Lettau. “I’d been gigging a lot and was experiencing hoarseness after shows. Kevyn was the first teacher to explain to me how the voice mechanism actually works. It became apparent why I was having problems, and I began to read all I could on the science of singing. I’d developed some bad habits, but with consistent practice, I was able to let them go and improve my endurance.”

Dani’s mission is to help singers achieve optimal vocal fitness and longevity. “Some vocalists avoid warm-ups and technical work, because they find it boring. Others worry that it will squelch their artistic impulses. Both notions are self-limiting. If a singer wants to sing an E5 with a strong and clear tone, but each time she tries her voice sounds weak and breathy, she’s not achieving her vision. My goal is to arm students with the body mind coordination they need to sing with ease, accuracy and spontaneity.”

Student Testimonials:

  • “One of the best teachers I have had in my life. Cares deeply about her students’ growth.”
  • “Dani is so knowledgeable and passionate about vocals/music that even if we get off topic, or change direction, she has answers.”
  • “She always seems to be educating herself and really researching into all types of voices, artists, sciences.”
  • “She is very patient and understanding and mind-tricks us into singing better somehow. It amazes me! Dani is awesome.”
  • “Very good at helping you see what you’re doing and how to fix it.”
  • “She’s honest and precise about our [vocal] issues.”
  • “She is like a magician.”


Bachelor of Arts, English/Creative Writing | University of PennsylvaniaCertificate in Vocology, National Center for Voice and Speech | University of Utah