College to Career

LACM x NAMM: From College to Career 3/21

LACM Grads Transition to Working in the Music Industry

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Artist Development

LACM x NAMM: Artist Development & Management 3/7

Artist Development & Management Panel

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Level Up Your Business

LACM x NAMM: Level Up Your Business 2/29

Artists, Songwriters, Producers: Level Up Your Business

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2.26 Wayne Linsey Social Calendar

Masters Forum: Wayne Linsey 2/26

Musician, producer, arranger, songwriter and TV personality - Wayne has worked on stage and in the studio with legendary artists such as Whitney…

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2.23 Musical Theater Clinic Social Calendar

Vocal Department Musical Theater Clinic 2/23

LACM's First Musical Theater Clinic - Megan Cooper is an actor/director/musician who has performed in numerous productions between the US and UK.…

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2.29 Will Brahm Social Calendar

Will Brahm Guitar Masterclass 2/29

After graduating college Will quickly immersed himself in writing his own music and accompanying jazz vocalists around Southern California. In 2015…

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2.22 Gregg Bisonette Social Calendar

Gregg Bissonette Drum Masterclass 2/22

Gregg Bissonette is best known for his ability to play in a wide variety of styles. His credits range from the big band jazz of Maynard Ferguson to…

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