5.24 Hawaiian Luau & Ben Tolliday Masterclass

JMC Australia & LACM Hawaiian Luau Mixer + Ben Tolliday Masterclass 5/24

Ben Tolliday is an Australian sound engineer based in Los Angeles. A string player for over 30 years, he draws inspiration from his classical…

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5.28 Vocal Performance Masterclass

Candace Wakefield: Vocal Performance Masterclass 5/28

Candace (SupaStar) Wakefield is a 5 X Grammy Award winning vocalist, born andraised in Inglewood, California. In 2018, she released her debut R&B/Pop…

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5.22 Billboard Masterclass with Keith & Kristin

Billboard Masterclass: Keith Caulfield & Kristin Robinson 5/22

He's been a Billboard fixture for 25 years, while she is approaching her second anniversary. Together, the two of them will give you an inside look…

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5.15 Shira Knishkowy

Shira Knishkowy 5/15

Now an artist manager and director of creative & digital strategy at Another Management Company, Shira Knishkowy switched coasts and careers last…

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5.8 V Fuchs

V Fuchs 5/8

Vis a skilled production professional with expertise in the touring industry. They have worked internationally, assisting in Tour Management and…

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NSAI Workshop for Songwriters 7/16

Song evaluations are not only a great way to hone your songwriting skills, but they also help to prepare your songs (and you) for the type of…

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4.28 Vocal Industry Showcase

Vocal Department Industry Showcase 4/28

Though she lives in LA, Aretha Scruggs has toured all the world (19 countries and counting!). Growing up, she sang with her sisters opening for…

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