6.6 Kenton Chen

Masters Forum: Kenton Chen 6/6

Kenton Chen is an actor, writer, and singer based in Los Angeles. Originally from Orange County, he graduated from USC's Thornton School of Music in…

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6.7 Vocal Department Quarterly Showcase

Vocal Department Quarterly Showcase 6/7

Panelist Dan Navarro enjoys an eclectic four-decade career as a songwriter, recording artist, session singer and voice actor. He’s written songs for…

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5.30 David Wild Social Calendar

David Wild 5/30

Think of any medium in which music stories are shared--articles, podcasts, books, TV specials and awards shows--and David Wild has been there. The…

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5.23 Amy Keys

Masters Forum: Amy Keys 5/23

Amy has sung backgrounds for The Rolling Stones, Sting, Elton John, Sam Smith, Stevie Wonder, Seal, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan, Tina Turner, and…

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