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"LACM's immersive musical education prepares tomorrow's bass players with the real-world skills and concepts needed for ongoing success" - Jerry Watts, Bass Department Head

Are you looking for a guitar college? LACM's Bass Program is the one for you. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Music program in Bass Guitar Performance, students will:

  1. The Bass Major combines theory, sight reading, musicianship and practical live playing
  2. Develop a firm grip on harmonic movement, time, and groove, while also mastering recording techniques and composition.
  3. Bass Majors will experience multiple genres of music, making them a well rounded musician.
  4. Ensemble Workshops allow Bass Guitar students to play with some of LA’s best musicians and experience real-world scenarios.
  5. If you are looking for a guitar college, LACM prepares you for the music industry and what goes beyond school.
  6. Music Business subject which allows one to learn the fundamentals of business models and more.

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