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"Music is of the is ephemeral and invisible, yet it affects us profoundly. It is our job as composers to understand this and to create music that affects people in a profound way.  As film composers we have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists to create something that affects us in an emotional, visceral and intellectual way."

Marty Davich
Composing for Visual Media Faculty Member

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Music program in Composing for Visual Media, students will:

  1. Equips students with the skills they will need both musically and professionally to succeed in the world of visual media.
  2. Explore composers in film, television, video games and new media while learning from the past and preparing for the future.
  3. Learn musical technique, technical skills, and an understanding of how to function independently, as well as with producers, directors, and fellow musicians.
  4. Hands-on program that not only provides professional opportunities, but culminates with the completion of the student’s own film score.
  5. LACM prepares you for the music industry and what goes beyond school.
  6. Music Business subject which allows one to learn the fundamentals of business models and more.

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