Tommy Pedrini

Tommy Pedrini

Music Producing & Recording

Tommy Pedrini is a composer, producer, vocalist, & marimbist who specializes in music for video games, animation, and artists, with a specific emphasis on Japanese commercial music. Tommy’s work on the core music teams for Nintendo & WayForward’s Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes and Titmouse’s Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart, as well as his work as lead Composer/Producer on WayForward’s Vitamin Connection, have earned acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Tommy has a Bachelors of Music in Film Scoring and a Masters of Music in Music Production from Berklee College of Music. While at Berklee, he studied marimba with Nancy Zeltsman, who inspired his lifelong love of the instrument; Tommy plays and records on a five-octave Marimba One marimba and frequently incorporates it into his projects.

When not working, Tommy enjoys making music with his partner milkyPRiSM & his band Cats on Mars. He has also spent years producing musical events that celebrate Japanese popular music and is a senior alumni of the Karaoke Kaizokudan and Tune in Tokyo crews.


Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring | Berklee College of Music
Master of Music in Music Production | Berklee College of Music