General Questions

It is best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible with your Academic Advisor. He/she can help you to determine what your best options are.

Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm (PT).

The Academic Advising office is located inside the main office on campus.

Total grade points for an individual course is determined by multiplying the letter grade points by the credit weight of that course. For example, if you received an “A” (equal to 4.0 grade points) for a 2-credit course, the total grade points for that course would be 8.0. The Quarterly Grade Point Average (QGPA) is determined by dividing the total grade points earned for all courses attempted in the quarter by the total course weight for the quarter. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is determined by dividing the total grade points earned for all courses attempted at LAMA by the total course weight. The Grade Point Average is expressed as a whole number and a hundredth, i.e. 2.52, 3.23. The Grade Point Average is calculated by rounding up to the nearest hundredth if the last digit is five or greater. It is rounded down to the nearest hundredth if the last digit is less than five. Example: 3.645 = 3.65, 3.721 = 3.72.

Dean’s Honor Roll: Students may receive the award of the Dean’s List upon graduation. Students must achieve a Cumulative Grade Point Average (QGPA) between 3.20 and 3.59. President’s Honor Roll: Students may receive the award of the President’s Honor Roll upon graduation. Students must achieve a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.60 or higher.

You can meet with your Academic Advisor at any time to see what courses you have completed, and which courses remain. You can also find your program’s course layout in the Student Catalog.

Unofficial transcripts will be sent at the conclusion of every quarter to your personal email address on file. You may request additional unofficial transcripts from the Registrar’s Office at anytime. If you need an official transcript sent to another institution, you may request this through the Registrar’s Office for the cost of $10.00 (for up to 3 copies).

During the admissions process you will be emailed a copy of the Student Catalog. You can also download a copy of the Catalog at


Due to the nature of our programs, all full-time students are automatically registered in required courses each quarter (some exceptions may apply). However, registration for each quarter is required during the designated “Registration Period.” During the “Registration Period” you will show your intent to enroll in the subsequent quarter, as well as enroll in any elective courses being offered. If you are an incoming student you may register in elective courses during Orientation. For continuing students you will register during the “Registration Period” which takes place during Week 4 of each quarter. Please visit the Academic Calendar for upcoming deadlines. You may also contact an Academic Advisor if you have additional questions.

A variety of electives are offered each quarter. Please contact your Academic Advisor to see which electives will be currently offered. If you are not sure which elective to take, your Academic Advisor will be glad to meet with you and help make the best decision.

Incoming students will receive their class schedule during Orientation. If you are a continuing student, Academic Logistics will email you the class schedule during the break between each quarter. Class schedules will also be posted within the school to reference throughout the quarter. You can also contact the Office if you need an additional copy of the schedule sent.

Adding a course: If you wish to add a course after completing your Registration Form during the “Registration Period, you may do so before or during the “Add/Drop Period.” The “Add/ Drop Period” is defined as the first two weeks of a quarter, and concludes at 5:00 p.m. on Friday of Week 2. You will need to obtain an “Add/Drop Slip” from Student Services, and follow the steps outlined on the slip. Dropping/Withdrawing for a course: If you wish to drop a course you may do so without any repercussions (i.e. the course will not show on your transcript) during  the “Add/Drop Period.” You will need to obtain an “Add/Drop Slip” from Student Services, follow the steps outlined on the slip, and submit it by 5:00 p.m. on Friday of Week 2. You may withdraw from a course between Weeks 3-6, but will receive a “W” on your transcript for that course. Again, you will need to complete and submit an “Add/Drop Slip,” which would need to be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Friday of Week 6.

On a course-by-course basis, and by consent of the instructor, students may request to prove proficiency in a course through a procedure set forth by the instructor. If the student successfully follows that procedure and proves proficiency for the course, the student will be assigned credit towards that course on their transcript. Credit for the course will apply toward the attempted program, but will not contribute to the CGPA or QGPA. (Fees may apply)


You should consult with your Academic Advisor. He/she can help you determine the best way for you to make-up the class, and understand how the class failure will affect your program completion and schedule. Keep in mind you must receive a passing grade in all required courses in order to qualify for graduation. Also, you will not be allowed to progress into the next level of a course if you did not pass the previous level.

If you previously failed a course, or would like to attempt a better grade, you may repeat the course at no additional cost during your program. If you repeat the course during Program Completion, you will be charged additional fees for that course. To register for a course you will need to complete an “Add/Drop Slip” and submit it to Student Services.

An “I” on your transcript means that the course is “Incomplete.” An “I” may be granted by your instructor only if you prove to have experienced an extenuating circumstance in regards to the course. It is at the discretion of the instructor to issue an “Incomplete.” If you receive an “I,” you may receive course credit by scheduling a make-up test (fees may apply) with your instructor.

Please note: An “Incomplete” grade will automatically convert to a failing (F) grade if not resolved by the Friday of Week 2 of the subsequent quarter. If you received an “I,” you will not be allowed to enroll in the next level of that course until a passing grade is obtained. Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for graduation, you must receive a passing grade for all required courses.

If you have not completed all required courses in your program by your expected graduation date, you may enroll in “Program Completion.” Program Completion allows you to enroll in courses you still need to complete on an a la carte basis. You will be invoiced per credit for each course you register for, and will be charged the quarterly Activity Fee. Keep in mind that since all courses are not offered each quarter, you may need to wait to take a course until the next time it is offered. If you are receiving Financial Aid you should see your Financial Aid advisor, as you may not be able to receive Federal Financial Aid for your completion courses.

An Academic Grievance must be resolved within 10 days or by the Friday before the beginning of the following quarter. If the grievance is regarding an academic matter, the following steps must be followed:

1. YOUR INSTRUCTOR— You must go first to the instructor with whom you have the grievance. A conference with the instructor will be held to resolve the grievance informally.

2. YOUR DEPARTMENT HEAD— If the informal meeting with the instructor does not resolve the grievance, you may then go to your Department Head with a written, dated and signed statement.

3. THE DEAN—If the meeting with the Department Head does not resolve the grievance, you may then go to the Dean to seek resolution.

4. PRESIDENT FOR INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES— If the grievance is not resolved in the meeting with the Dean, you may appeal to the President for Instructional Services. If the grievance is not resolved by the President for Instructional Services, you will have access to the Standard Grievance Procedure beginning with the Appeals Committee.

5. INTERIM DECISION CONCERNING STUDENT STATUS — Before you go before the Appeals Committee, the Vice President for Instructional Services will determine the feasibility of keeping you in class while the appeals process continues. Should the circumstances warrant, the Vice President for Instructional Services may decide that you should be removed from class and/or the campus until the appeals process has ended.


You will be academically dismissed if:

You may be academically dismissed for the following reason: If you are academically dismissed for the first time you may appeal the dismissal to continue into the subsequent quarter of their program, or you may appeal the dismissal in order to repeat the failed term. In both circumstances you will be required to meet with an the Dean and an Academic Advisor.

If appealing to continue into the subsequent quarter: In this circumstance you must submit your appeal by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the first week of the quarter. By submitting an official appeal, you will be allowed to continue into the next quarter of your program sequence as originally scheduled, and will be placed on Academic Probation.

If appealing to repeat the failed quarter: In this circumstance you must submit your appeal within the Registration Period for the quarter in which you plan to restart your program of study. By submitting an official appeal, you will be allowed to repeat the failed term of your program sequence, and will be placed on Academic Probation.

If you have been academically dismissed you will be placed on Academic Probation immediately upon being approved for continuation in your program. To uphold Satisfactory Academic Progress while on probation, you must meet the following requirements during their first and second term following Academic Dismissal:

1. Maintain a minimum acceptable Quarterly Grade Point Average:

a. 1.50 or higher at the end of first quarter.

b. 1.75 or higher at the end of second quarter.

c. 2.00 or higher at the end of the third and all subsequent quarters thereafter.

2. Achieve the minimum quarterly Incremental Completion Rate

3. At the start of the third academic term following Academic Dismissal, you will be held to school-wide Satisfactory Academic Progress and Academic Dismissal policies, meaning you must maintain the minimum Cumulative GPA and ICR rates necessary (see Academic Dismissal).

A re-entry student is a student who has been academically dismissed from LACM who wishes to re-enroll but is ineligible to appeal.


If you have been Academically Dismissed a second time, you must wait 6 months from dismissal before being eligible to enroll on a part-time “Program Completion” status (if warranted). You must wait a full year from the dismissal date before you are eligible to enroll in a full-time course

of study.


Prior to the desired re-enrollment date you must meet with the Dean. During this meeting the Dean will determine whether or not you warrant re-entry to LACM. Upon approval by the Dean, you must reapply for admission to LACM through the Admissions Department. If admitted:

• Credits from your prior enrollments at LACM are transferable.

• You may enroll in Program Completion for your initial quarter(s), if applicable.

• Space permitting, you may retake any previously passed classes if desired.

• You will be immediately placed on Academic Probation (see Academic Probation section).

• If you are academically dismissed again, the dismissal shall be permanent for that enrollment.

Should you wish to re-enroll, you must commence the re-entry process for consideration as a Re-
Entry student from the beginning.

• Financial Aid recipients will not be eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid for any previously attempted courses.

You should speak to your Academic Advisor as soon as possible. Depending on your individual situation, your Academic Advisor will recommend a solution. This may include taking a Leave Of Absence (LOA), an Extended Applied Learning Absence (EALA), or simply canceling your enrollment.

Along with meeting the general Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for all students at the Academy, if you have received a scholarship or grant you must also meet specific scholarship/grant requirements.

Maintaining a Scholarship Award: Scholarship students must maintain a minimum Quarterly Grade Point Average (QGPA) or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), whichever is highest, of 3.20. Scholarship students who fail to achieve either a 3.20 QGPA or CGPA will be placed on Scholarship Probation, and must achieve either a QGPA or CGPA of 3.20 in the subsequent quarter. If the student fails to raise either their QGPA or CGPA by the conclusion of the subsequent quarter, the student will lose their scholarship award.

Maintaining a Grant Award: Students receiving a grant award must maintain a minimum Quarterly Grade Point Average (QGPA) or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), whichever is highest, of 3.00. Grant recipients who fail to achieve either a 3.00 QGPA or CGPA will be placed on Grant Probation, and must achieve either a QGPA or CGPA of 3.00 in the subsequent quarter. If the student fails to raise either their QGPA or CGPA by the conclusion of the subsequent quarter, the student will lose their grant award. When necessary, students will be informed of their scholarship/grant standing by an official letter sent to their current address on file, as well as by an email sent to their email account.

If you have a documented medical condition or learning disability, certain accommodations may be made. If you would like to make a request for accommodations, you will be asked to provide documentation of your condition. Please contact your Academic Advisor or the Dean to make a request.