Yayo Morales is one of the most versatile and experienced drummers in Madrid, Spain. He is also a percussionist, composer, and arranger. His extensive career began in LaPaz Bolivia, where he is originally from. He has been recording and performing with different artists and bands with a wide range of musical styles: Jazz, Flamenco, Pop, Latin Jazz, Reggae, Rock, etc.

He has been working with several top-notch musicians from Spain, Europe, and the USA, recording in the studio and/or on live concerts with Scott Ambush, Steve Cotter, Benn Clatworthy, Henry (The Skipper) Franklin, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Chano Dominguez, Alex de Grassi, Henning Sieverts, Peter Materna, Javier Colina, Bob Sands, Javier Malosetti, Christian Galvez, Norman Hogue, Pepe Rivero, “Caramelo” Massó, Jesús Catalá, Jaime Muela, “Tomatito”, Enrique Morente, Mariano Diaz, German Kucich, Manuel Machado, Juan Munguía, and Jerry González to mention a few.

And also with: Rita Marley, La Calle Caliente, La Barbería del Sur, José El Francés, Marta Sanchez, Azúcar Moreno, Peter Materna Trio and many more…

Luc Delannoy, author of ¡Caliente! Historia del Jazz Latino and many other music books published in France, Canada and USA. Professor of Music Philosophy, cognitive musicology, and contemporary aesthetics at several universities in the United States and Mexico. He has dedicated in his latest book “Carambola” Vidas en el Jazz Latino (the second volume of The History of Jazz Latino) no more and no less than eight pages to the work of Yayo Morales “Los Andes Jazz Project”

Yayo has also been touring the world giving master classes and playing in prestigious Jazz Festivals.


Bachelor’s Degree in Composition | Escuela de Musica Creativa, Madrid
Master’s Degree in Technologies In The Composition Of Film Scoring And Music For Videogames | Universidad Complutense de Madrid