Ben McLane is an entertainment attorney veteran, focusing primarily on music contracts, artist management, talent scouting, promotions, record label operations, and recording agreements. Ben’s law practice has emphasis in negotiating and drafting recording, production, publishing, songwriter, management, producer, soundtrack, video, partnership, agency, investor, endorsement, licensing, merchandising, performance, touring, internet, new media, film, motion picture, television contracts and agreements. Ben has several gold/platinum albums and Billboard Top 10 and #1 chart hits to his credit, and he has worked in conjunction with musical artists/projects in various genres over the years, including Guns & Roses, Dixie Chicks, Nine Inch Nails, Alicia Keys, and others.

Ben is a 1991 graduate of Pepperdine Law School, is a frequent speaker and presenter at national music conferences, and has written and published an extensive body of articles on the music business.


Juris Doctor | Pepperdine University