Mary Durst

Mary Durst

Vocal Performance

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Mary Durst was born in Michigan where she grew up performing gospel music with her family. In High School she began doing solo shows & gigs. Her songwriting career landed her songs in the top 40 smooth jazz charts in 2001 and 2006. She currently arranges music in her studio for bands and has written 100’s of worship songs being used in churches today. Mary has taught music for over 40 years and has been on faculty at Pasadena City College teaching Studio Jazz Voice and combo band since 2006. She performs weekly with the 2AZZ1 band.


  • Freeway 1981 New Born Records
  • Good Housekeeping TV Show theme song and music beds
  • 2001-2006 2AZZ1 Albums: Ready, Driven (Composer of lyrics and music)
  • Vocal Director at Universal Studios for Scoredog Music
  • SCSBOA Jazz Band Adjudicator
  • Band Clinician
  • Currently directing “Aurora Worship Training” from the Angels Worship Initiative Grant from APU