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Campus Update September 29, 2022

Hello Students –  

Thank you again for being so cooperative with our need to continue to wear masks on campus and comply with the twice weekly testing requirement.  Our efforts have been successful in keeping our Covid cases to a minimum.  As a result, we will be moving to a mask optional policy as of 10/3/22 (the first day of the Fall 2022 term).   

Mask Optional Policy: 

All students, staff, and faculty must have a mask in their possession at all times while on campus.  Should a staff or faculty member request that masks be worn while in the classroom, students will be asked to respect that request and wear masks throughout the specified class. If a student has a valid reason for a class to be masked, student may submit their request via Formstack (link below).  Management will review and determine if the reason is justifiable. In any case, it is recommended that the student continue to wear their own mask and remain distanced. 

Personal Equipment: 

It is still required for students who will be singing or playing a wind instrument to bring their own microphone to class, rehearsals, recording sessions, and performances.  It is not permitted to share microphones with others while in the above-mentioned settings, but if sharing does occur you must sanitize between use with the sanitizing wipes supplied in each classroom. 


Keeping a distance of 6 feet between singers and wind instrumentalists is recommended, in order to reduce the potential spread of the Covid19 virus and other illnesses.

Weekly Testing: 

All students are required to test twice weekly by visiting the testing site in the South Campus courtyard area between 7:30am-3:45pm Monday and Thursday.  This service is free of charge and you will not be billed by your insurance company.  If the testing schedule on campus is not convenient for you, you can secure an outside PCR test and upload it to 

Mandatory Vaccine Policy: 

LACM continues to uphold the mandatory vaccine policy for all LACM community members on campus.  Students must have received at least one dose of the Covid19 vaccine prior to beginning classes on October 3.  The additional dose(s) and/or booster will be expected to be delivered upon eligibility (check eligibility time frames per vaccine type).  Each student must deliver the Campus Access Survey if not already completed, prior to the start of the term 

For information on how to make an appointment to receive your vaccination in the Los Angeles area, visit 

Reporting of Positive Covid19 Case: 

If at any time you either test positive or are experiencing Covid symptoms, please notify as soon as possible.  You will be contacted with instructions and support services, as well as requested to share your recent close contacts for the purposes of contact tracing and notification. 

Should you develop symptoms of Covid19 but haven’t yet tested to confirm, please also notify for further instructions. 

Exposure to COVID19: 

If you are in close contact with someone with COVID-19, you must wear a highly protective mask when in doors for 10 days after your last day of exposure. Should you develop symptoms of Covid19 but haven’t yet tested to confirm, please also notify for further instructions. 

Remote Access to Classes: 

Remote access to class meetings via Zoom is only permitted if confirmed to be positive for Covid19.  You must report to in order for this to be verified and faculty approved for permitting Zoom access if possible.  If access via Zoom is not possible for a particular class, please ask a fellow student to record the class and contact your faculty member for any further instructions or information. 

Guest Policy: 

Fully vaccinated guests are welcome on campus if they are accompanied at all times by a LACM student, staff, or faculty member.  Guests should come prepared to upload their vaccination proof and fill out the guest access form that can be found at either the North or South front desk(s). 

If a guest is unvaccinated, they must either bring a rapid test to take in front of the front desk security staff or they may purchase one from LACM for $15 (if supplies are available).  They must also wear a mask at all times while on campus. 

Additional Information: 

Should you require assistance with badge deactivation, testing results, questions regarding testing and protocols, etc. please contact or  

LACM forms policies based on the guidance and requirements of the CDC, the CA Department of Public Health, LA County Department of Public Health, as well as the Pasadena Public Health Department.  For additional reference information, links have been provided below. 

 Newly released:  

The LA Dept of Public Health just released new mask guidance 

YOU* MUST wear a mask: 

  • In healthcare settings 
  • In congregate care facilities, such as long-term care settings and adult/senior care facilities 
  • In any other location where it is required by the business or venue
  • If you have COVID-19. You must wear a highly protective mask (even at home) when you are around others until you end isolation. If you are eligible to end isolation after Day 5 because you have a negative test result, it is strongly recommended that you continue to wear a mask through Day 10. In workplace settings, you must wear a mask through Day 10. 
  • If you are a close contact to someone with COVID-19. You must wear a highly protective mask when you are around others indoors for 10 days after your last day of exposure. 
  • If there has been a recent outbreak at your workplace or the congregate setting where you live. 

We thank each of you for complying with these protocols in order to keep our community safe.  Should you have any questions regarding this information, please contact  

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