Les Brockmann

Les Brockmann

Music Producing & Recording



Les Brockmann is a GRAMMY winning recording engineer with a history of working in LA’s finest commercial and personal studios. He has recorded and mixed music for film scores, songs, games, jazz, tourism, and production music.

Notable film scores recorded and mixed by Les include the award-winning documentary “The Hunting Ground”, silent film orchestral scores for “John Ford’s Silent Epics” (including live to surround mix), and the cult television favorite “Firefly”. Game scores include all three “Uncharted”‘s (if you own a Sony PlayStation they are probably bundled within), and the “Pixel Piracy” and “Pixel Privateers” series. He is a Grammy™ winner, Best Latin Jazz album, “¡Ritmo!”, for his work recording the Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band. And last but not least he recorded the Manhattan Transfer for the main title of the comedy-horror film “Trail of the Screaming Forehead” (raise your hand if you saw that — what, no one?)

Additional Les trivia: He was on site in the studio for the very first album using drum machine ever, with Lee Ritenour (well probably, there was some debate as to whether Stevie Wonder’s album came out first or Lee’s). Les has stayed current with the changes in music technology, and is an expert ProTools and Digital Performer user. He brings his strong belief that, no matter what the tech is, the most important and rewarding thing is working with real skilled musicians, singers, producers, songwriters, and composers to create timeless “real music”.


Bachelor of Music | University of Miami