Estaban Carvajal

Esteban Carvajal



Esteban Carvajal is a 23 year-old drummer influenced by classic hard rock, heavy metal, blues, pop and funk music. He began his musical studies at the age of 15 with Professor Jorge Villota (member of the Instrumentos Andinos Orchestra) and subsequently with Diego Miño (Tomback percussion). At the age of 18, he moved to Argentina to continue his studies at EMBA (Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires) and later studied for 3 years at Escuela de Musica UDLA in Ecuador. Esteban is currently completing his last year of college at LACM (Los Angeles College of Music) and will be earning an Associate of Arts degree in Music Performance. He can arranged a leave of absence for touring opportunities.His experiences include tours around Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina with the blues/rock band Brok. He´s currently in the book and photographic archive of the Ecuadorian rock project “Rock Testimonia 2007”. Esteban has performed with artists such as Daniel Betancourt, Nata Cassette, Instinto Animal, Perla Negra, Dionisio Bakko, 3.3.3, Narcosis, Tarkus, Vultures of Cydonia, Rossis Chiquinquira, Anima Inside, and Mr. Jekyll. Additionally, he has shared the stage with international bands like Andrés Cepeda (Colombia), Kreator (Germany), Exodus (USA), Dismember (Sweden), etc. He has also recorded with artists such as 3.3.3, Narcosis, Nata Cassete, Dionisio Bakko, Perla Negra, Rossis Chiquinquira, Brok, Mr. Jekyll, UDLA (production department), Wasted, and Amazon. National TV performances with Perla Negra, Amazon and Nata Cassete, he feels confident about playing to a metronome.Round out his experience as a professional drummer in every aspect.-Session and touring drummer since 2007; Puma endorsement (2013-2014); Groova endorsement-Drum clinic expositor at Semana del ROCK 2011