Maddi Gruber (Madd) is a singer-songwriter/producer from Chico, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. She has
taken music and the business of music seriously since the age of 14 when she began her career by recording her songs
on her laptop in her bedroom with a one track mind to create music and preform. Madd released her solo debut album
"Q.E.D." in 2016 that falls between rock, punk and blues. On Q.E.D. she played every instrument/vocals accept drums
(by Clay Hawkeswood), wrote every song and produced it herself. Madd preforms eclectically and is a skilled songwriter
producing a genre on the lines of rock, punk and alternative as well as incorporating blues, folk and funk into her

Heavily influenced by Jack White, Prince, Depeche Mode, The Clash and Jimi Hendrix as well as many more inspirations
incorporated in to create a unique and unheard sound.

With Madd's first instrument being Guitar, she also plays Bass, Mandolin, Synthesizer, Banjo, and Drums as well as sings
(with vocal inspirations being Etta James and Little Richard).

She is currently attending Los Angeles College of Music to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Songwriting.