Noor Che'ree



Noor Che’ree’s journey through music made many stops around the world with many different genres of artists and organizations. A former US Marine Musician for the 1st Marine Division Band, Award Winning Multi-instrumentalist Composer, Producer and International Touring Artist, Noor strives to explore new territories in his eclectic taste of world sounds and cultures, while marrying his jazz influences to the creative process of all music. Noor has performed with (artists to name a few): Grammy winners, LV, Bakithi Kumalo, Grammy Nominated Tracy Carter, Within (formerly known as Todo Mundo), AliceWallace, Emiko, and many more. Noor Che'ree Endorses: NS DESIGN (CR5 Radius Fretted, Fretless and NXT4 Upright Bass), GHS STRINGS (Progressives, Super Steels, NS Design Crossovers, Pressurewounds, Balanced Nickels), VIVID AMPS (VB500, and Cabs), Mana Basso Basses (6 string Paragon), NAL (Natural Acoustic Labs) Black Walnut Shakers and Lap Snare.